All Slots Mobile Casino Carries on the “Family” Tradition

All Slots Mobile Casino came online in 2007, just seven years after its parent casino made its debut.  In order to fully appreciate just how convenient and user-friendly All Slots Mobile Casino is, we should understand the amalgamation of PC gaming at All Slots and mobile gaming at All Slots Mobile.

Almost everything that you can do at All Slots you can do at the mobile casino.  Almost any benefit that accrues to you at All Slots Casino also accrues to you at All Slots mobile.  Any player looking for a great mobile casino in New Zealand, need look no further!

Your Account

When you join All Slots you open an account.  This account automatically applies both to the PC casino and to All Slots Mobile Casino.  All Slots has powerful software, called PlayCheck, that keeps track of every wager you make and the result of that wager at either casino.  The data are kept in a single online “folder”

This is very important because when you receive bonuses from All Slots, you have a play through requirement before you can withdraw bonus money.  PlayCheck and ClearPlay together monitor your play though wagering at both casinos as one so you fulfill your play through requirement as quickly as possible.

We don’t have definitive statistics but we assume that most players at All Slots Casino play at home and most mobile players play away from home.  It would be extremely inconvenient if the play through requirement were divided.  That All Slots keeps it as one is entirely to the players’ benefit!


All Slots runs many daily, weekly, and monthly promotions.  The monthly promotions especially are designed to make it almost guaranteed that everyone will win.  At most, you have to make a few wagers or accumulate a few Loyalty Points.  These wagers and points are counted as one without distinguishing between casinos.

Welcome Bonus

Whether you sign up to play through the PC casino or through All Slots Mobile Casino, you are entitled to the great All Slots Welcome Bonus.  This is actually several bonuses wrapped up in one package.  Just for signing up, you get a $5 no deposit bonus good at both casinos.

There are so many games to choose from that many players make it a habit to play in practice mode first, before playing casino games with real money.  This is a very good practice and much encouraged by All Slots.  But there are also many players who simply love to have some money riding on every game.  So, the no deposit bonus gives players a modest sum with which to “roam” about the casinos.  Note the word casinos.  The no deposit bonus is good at both casinos as are all deposits, bonuses, and cash gifts!

The Welcome Package continues in four stages.  Players get cash gifts of $10 and $15 with their first two deposits plus 100% matching bonuses up to $250.  For the third and fourth deposits, the bonuses are for 50% up to $500 and then $600.  The total Welcome Package is worth $1630!


All Slots mobile NZ casino has over 100 games to choose from.  Anyone familiar with PC casinos will know that these casinos have many hundreds of games.  What then makes All Slots a leading mobile casino in New Zealand? 

The answer gets to the heart of the management vision for All Slots Mobile Casino.  It is acknowledged to be much harder to develop casino games for mobile than for PC.  This is because there are actually thousands of mobile devices and many mobile operating platforms.  The game developers take existing games and reformat them for mobile.  It may take a generation or more to reformat all the games currently available on PC casinos.  So, the management team at All Slots has decided to reformat for mobile at this time only the most popular pokies and other games.  All Slots is determined to be not only the best online pokies casino for PC, but also the best online pokies casino for mobile!


Modern pokies have a theme.  They fit into motifs and genres.  There are as many themes in modern pokies as the developers’ imagination can conjure up.  In the PC casinos, any pokies aficionado can find many pokies to their liking.  It is not quite that way yet in the mobile casino but All Slots has set itself the goal of making as many pokies available on mobile as possible.  At present there are about 100 pokies available at All Slots Mobile Casino.

Graphics, Animation, and Sound

It would not be possible to do justice to the quality of modern 5-reel video pokies without superior graphics, animation, and sound.  This is exponentially true when it comes to mobile pokies.  The recent technological advances in mobile graphics, animation, and sound mean that you can enjoy modern pokies even on the relatively small smartphone screen.

Adapted Pokies

A big recent development in pokies is adaptation from television and movies.  Pokies like Game of Thrones make great demands on the graphics, animation, and sound quality obtainable on mobile.  Were these parameters not yet of high quality, the reformatting to mobile of adapted pokies would not have even been attempted!

Progressive Games

Many pokies players love to shoot for the giant win.  Progressive pokies are the best way to do so.  Progressive jackpots often exceed one million dollars.  Casinos such as All Slots Mobile Casino met the challenge to make progressive pokies and other games not just available on mobile but visually excellent as well!


Possibly millions of words have already been written about the convenience of mobile.  This surpasses mere gaming.  It includes telephone, internet surfing, and keeping tabs of your circle of family and friends via social media.

All Slots Mobile Casino is committed to making your mobile gaming experience so enjoyable that you see beyond mere convenience and play at All Slots for all the reasons mentioned here and many more!