All Slots Online Pokies Casino Offers Worlds of Gaming Pleasure

There are many choice reasons to fancy All Slots Online Pokies Casino and, as you can imagine, they begin with…..pokies!  Before we discuss your favourite casino game, first a short digression into many other excellent features of All Slots Casino.

Banking Methods

There was a time when players had few banking choices at online casinos.  At some, that’s still the case.  But, at All Slots online casino in New Zealand, there are now over 20 different banking options, making it easy, comfortable, and convenient for everyone to deposit and withdraw money.

Banking methods are one side of depositing and withdrawing at an online casino.  The other side is safety.  You can be 100% confident that your money is safe at All Slots because all your data at the casino is protected by a state-of-the-art encryption protocol.

Promotions Where Everyone Wins?

Every month, All Slots brings out another monthly promotion.  These promotions are designed so that everyone wins!  They do this by making the qualifying action simple.  One month, players needed to make only one bet each week to win!  Other months the playing requirement may be higher but never so high as to rattle your dags. 

The monthly promotions are also divided into four one-week periods so, if you can play in one part of the month but not during the entire month, you still win!

Many Other Promotions

All Slots Online Pokies Casino sponsors many other promotions.  They may surprise you with a pop-up announcement of a daily or weekly promotion.  These promotions are usually for free spins at pokies—do you see why we often call it All Slots Online Pokies Casino—but are often for deposit bonuses or other great awards as well.

All Slots is a master of the art of deposit bonuses.  The Welcome Package at All Slots is a combination of free money bonuses and deposit bonuses.  When you fill out the registration form, AllSlots rewards you with a no deposit bonus!  With this bonus you can make a lot of small bets as you get to know the casino. 

The Welcome Package now takes shape as four deposit bonuses wrapped around two more free money gifts.  The first two deposit bonuses are 100% matching bonuses up to $250.  The third and fourth bonuses are 50% deposit bonuses up to $500 and, finally, for $600.  The free money bonuses are for $10 and $15.  The total amount of bonus money new players can receive is $1630!

Loyalty Club

There is one more way All Slots happily sends bonuses your way.  The Loyalty Club is set up to give away bonuses and other gifts.  Your bets become Loyalty Points according to a formula.  Loyalty Points are redeemable for real money.  You also move up in the Club as you earn Loyalty Points.  The number of bonuses, their size, and the way you qualify for them varies depending on which level you are in the Loyalty Club.

The game that gives you the most Loyalty Points per dollar wagered is……pokies!  So, we’ve come full circle in our review of All Slots Online Pokies Casino!

About Pokies

Pokies are a relatively young game.  Such games as chess, checkers, go, and backgammon have a much older pedigree.  But pokies are played by more people worldwide than any other game.

In the old days of pokies the symbols were bars and cherries and the like.  There were three reels.  The game was fun to play, especially in a neighborhood pub with your mates and a handle, but the pejorative moniker given pokies—one armed bandit—was not undeserved.

Modern pokies have more to offer.  There are five reels, for starters.  Each pokies has a theme and tells a story.  The stories draw you in so you can enjoy the action vicariously. Pokies have auto play capabilities if you want to fang it but we recommend savoring the games as the stories unfold!

There are dozens of theme categories.  Microgaming, the supplier for the better online casinos in NZ, has a library of hundreds of pokies and they have teams working every day to produce pokies that you will enjoy and love.

These days, many pokies are drawn from movies or television.  Game of Thrones is a vibrant pokies, evoking the atmosphere, intrigue, and danger of Westeros.  Jurassic Park will give you a scare even though you know all along that “it’s only a pokies”!

Winning at Pokies

Pokies are a true game of chance.  The Random Number Generator (RNG) determines the outcome of all games in online gaming.  The RNG is a very good thing; it gives players the confidence that every outcome in the online casino is totally legit.

Having said that, there are a few pokies strategy tips that can help you win at pokies. 

  • Online casinos have far less overhead than land-based casinos. Land-based casinos have high costs in personnel, electricity, new carpets every year or two, city or national taxes, etc.  Online casinos have expenses too, of course.  They are just not as high as the land casinos’ expenses.  This all means that you stand to win more at an online casino like All Slots Online Pokies Casino.
  • The best game for Loyalty Points is pokies but this is not a one-size-fits-all formula.  So, play pokies at a casino that rewards you the most for your pokies wagers.
  • Every online casino is frequently checked by eCogra whose reports on many subjects benefit players.  One report is payout.  It’s a good idea to play pokies at an online casino that pays out the most on their pokies games.
  • Many gamers like to play pokies for the progressive jackpots.  If you are looking for a big once-in-a-lifetime payout then progressive jackpots are great.  But if you want to wager more modestly and win modestly but more often, then it’s good pokies strategy to avoid progressive jackpots.

Make All Slots Your Default Casino

All Slots Online Pokies Casino is much more than a world leader in pokies.  AllSlots has hundreds of games.  With their game tutorials and clear graphics, All Slots is certainly one of the best online casinos around!