Avalon Online Pokies

King Arthur and his entourage are welcomed into the world of slot machine entertainment in the popular Avalon Online Pokies, now available for real money gaming at the PC and mobile casinos of New Zealand. The pokies brings the story of Arthur, Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table to the online pokies casino where you can play on your laptop or desktop PC or on your mobile device at any time and from any location.

You'll move through the suspense and intrigue of the story of Avalon while you spin the reels, create winning paylines and take advantage of the multipliers and bonus options to boost your earnings. 

Play Avalon pokies for free in the Free Mode or for cash prizes in the Real Mode as you embark on an adventure of fun, excitement and real money casino entertainment. 

Arthur, Avalon, Camelot and Pokies Entertainment

Historians debate the true nature of King Arthur. According to legend Arthur was the ruler of Great Britain who strove to unify the tribes and clans of the British Isles. There are, indeed, ancient writings that describe how King Arthur, the warrior, led his forces in battle against the Gauls.

The writings say that before Arthur crossed the English Channel to meet the enemy, he appointed Mordred as a temporary ruler. When Arthur returned Mordred refysed to give up the crown, forcing Arthur to engage Mordred in battle. The armies of the two men met at Camlann. Mordred was killed but Arthur was badly wounded.

The loyal knights of the round table brought Arthur, Maid Marion and Merlin the Magician to the mystical island of Avalon where they hoped that he could recover. 

Avalon's exact location is a secret, though many people today believe that it is the site where Glastonbury sits today, since the town was once surrounded by a swamp. Folklore relates that Avalon was also known as the "Fortunate Isle" because it produced everything that the local inhabitants needed to live comfortably. 

Arthur's magic sword, Excalibur, was, according to Arthurian lore, forged on Avalon and was then presented to him by the mysterious Lady of the Lake. 

Avalon Pokies

Arthur, Marion, the Knights of the Round Table and other members of the Camelot entourage were given sanctuary on Avalon among the wind-swept hills of the island sanctuary. This is the setting for the Avalon pokies where mysteries and secrets may be revealed as you spin the reels and create your winning paylines. 

The game symbols are presented in vivid imagery that prepares you for the slots adventure to come. Ancient treasures turn into real money prizes that you take home to the 21st century. As you spin the reels you'll see a gold pendant, a treasure chest filled with the riches that Arthur acquired after he won his wars against the Gauls, t, a king's seal, a goblet and the royal crown. If one of your spins results in three matching symbols appearing on an activated payline, you'll receive a payout. 

If an Avalon Logo symbol appears on an enabled payline, it functions as a Wild symbol. The wild can substitute for any other symbol (except for the scatter), allowing you to complete more paylines. The Lady of the Lake  is the game's scatter. If your spin results in two Lady of the Lakes emerging in any position on the reels during a regular game spin, they create a scatter combination payout.   

Three Lady of the Lake symbols displaying on the reels simultaneously  trigger the Free Spins game.  

Avalon Free Spins

When three or more Lady of the Lake  symbols emerge during a regular game spin, they trigger the Free Spins game. To play your Free Spins, click the "Start Free Spins" button. You receive 12 free spins. Every free spin win is multiplied by a random multiplier that can go as high as 7x your deposit. The Free Spins round can retrigger if 3 scatter symbols emerge, in any position on the reels, during a free spin.

When free spins reactivate, 12 new free spins are added to your un-played free spins from your last round. Free Spins can reactive more than once. Throughout the Free Spins game the bet values and payline activizations remain the same as the spin that triggered the free spins.

Second Wild

The Free Spins round has its own Wild symbol -- the Treasure Chest symbol. During the free spins the Treasure Chest symbol can substitute for any other symbol and completes additional winning free spins combinations. The Treasure Chest also forms its own completed combination whenever three Treasure Chests are  matched on an enabled payline during a free spin.

If the Avalon Logo Wild Symbol from the regular game and the Treasure Chest Wild Symbol from the Free Spins game display on the same spin during a Free Spin, you earn the highest payout value.

Gamble Game

There's a Gamble Round in the Avalon slots that allows you to Gamble your existing winnings up to five times. Any regular game win triggers the Gamble game. You can play the Gamble or skip it and continue playing the regular game.

By clicking the Gamble button after a regular game win you'll be presented with a hidden card. If you choose to gamble on the colour of the hidden card and win, you'll double your winnings. If you choose to gamble on the card suit of the hidden card and win you'll quadruple your existing earnings.

Once you start the gamble you'll receive your card. Choose "red or black" for the card's colour or "diamonds, clubs, spades or hearts" for the card's suit. If you win, your winnings multiply. After the Gamble game ends you return to the base game.  

Online Pokies Strategy

There is no fool-proof online pokies strategy but there is some advice about how to play Avalon pokies in the most satisfying and rewarding manner. For one thing, whenever you play pokies

  • start your bets small and work your way up. Don't start out with high bets right at the beginning
  • always practice your pokies in the Free Mode before you play for real money in the Real Mode
  • be careful with the Gamble Game. Go for the double gamble, as opposed to the quadruple gamble. If you lose and you’ve chosen the quadruple option, you may lose big.   

Enjoy the enthralling Avalon pokies for a game of imagination, fantasy and fun-filled gambling entertainment.