Enjoy Harness Racing and Good Eats at Cambridge Raceway

Cambridge Raceway is an excellent alternative to other gambling venues such as an online pokies casino, a land-based casino in New Zealand, or any other casino in NZ.

Casino Gaming

Before we go into some depth about Cambridge Raceway let’s review some of the reasons you enjoy casino gambling and why a raceway is a great alternative.

Any land-based casino in New Zealand has first and foremost an atmosphere full of many diverse people enjoying a gambling excursion.  Every land-based casino in New Zealand is busy round the clock but gets jumping on Friday night and stays at high-energy until the work week beckons come Sunday night.  The palpable excitement of seeing many casino games being played at the same time is a stimulating sensual experience that almost every player enjoys.

Online Gaming

Online pokies casinos are in many ways the diametric opposites of the land-based casinos.  Online casinos give convenience and flexibility whereas land-based casinos give flesh and blood people in their hundreds or thousands gaming at once.  Online pokies casinos specialize in pokies, to be sure.  They have many hundreds of exciting modern video pokies in every genre and theme imaginable.

How Many Pokies Can You Fit into a Land-based Casino?

Land-based casinos cannot match the volume of games available online because they are obviously restricted by space.  Land-based casinos thrive on more heavy-duty gamers whereas online pokies casinos can easily have a betting range in any pokies game from a single penny per payline to several dollars per payline.  Online represents flexibility in gaming!

Save and Play

When you play at an online pokies casino you have none of the ancillary costs of land-based gaming such as transportation, lodging, and restaurants.  This means that you can budget a larger bankroll for your gaming pleasure instead of for your creature comfort costs.

To conclude this first part of our discussion, every casino NZ offers a world of visual and aural stimulation.  The difference between a land-based casino in New Zealand and an online pokies casino is more a subjective decision rather than an overwhelming set of plusses for one and minuses for the other.  If you like casino games, you will likely set aside the time for both your favourite online pokies casino and your favourite land-based casino in New Zealand.

Harness Racing as a Change of Pace

Now let’s learn about Cambridge Raceway and why so many casino gamblers choose it as a change of pace from the world of casino gaming.

First of all, you have to travel to Cambridge Raceway.  It’s centrally located in the North Island about a two hour drive from Auckland via State Highway 1 and 1B.  If you’re planning an overnight stay, there are many reasonably priced hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast accommodations plus a large number of friendly restaurants.  So, you will have travel expenses but, if you make a holiday of it, you’ll find many natural attractions in the vicinity in addition to the races at Cambridge Raceway.  Cambridge Raceway offers harness and greyhound racing.  In early December 2015 Cambridge Raceway introduced a new nighttime lighting system providing 63,000 lumens of light using LED bulbs at a fraction of the cost of the old system.


Not unlike an online pokies casino or a land-based casino in New Zealand, Cambridge Raceway offers numerous promotions.  One of the best is Dual Sulky Racing where, for only $150, anyone can ride with a professional driver in a two-seater sulky racing cart.  Cambridge Raceway has a restaurant called the Cambridge Bistro.  This unusual restaurant is long and narrow so you can watch the races whilst you dine on fine New Zealand fare such as pork belly, crumbed fish, and braised lamb shoulder.

One of the most popular seasonal promotions is Christmas at the Races.  Groups can organize their own Christmas party at Cambridge Raceway.  Every year, several corporations host their Christmas party at the raceway!

Cambridge Raceway offers memberships for $90 per year.  Membership entitles the bearer to two passes to the member’s lounge for the year, and a car pass.  Cambridge Raceway runs about 70 calendars of races per year so the membership cost is an excellent value for the car pass and lounge pass alone!

Gamble on Horse Races or on Pokies

So, you now understand that Cambridge Raceway has much to offer in the way of gaming entertainment.  The remaining question is: how does gambling on harness racing differ from gambling at an online pokies casino or at a land-based casino in New Zealand?  Well, the type of gambling at a casino ranges from the purely lucky such as pokies and roulette, for example, to the more cerebral such as poker and blackjack.  Betting on harness racing, interestingly enough, runs the gamut from the purely lucky to the scientific evaluation of each horse’s chances in a given race.  Many a matron has had a profitable day betting the sulkies based on their names or their physical appearance!  Men bet in this manner as well, we admit.  Many harness racing fans pore over the racing sheet to determine their horse of choice and how to bet that horse in that race.  The racing form gives a great deal of information such as the horse’s past record, its driver and his or her record, the quality of the track and the horse’s history on such a track, the horse’s recent performance, its starting position, and many other data that when all put together gives a discerning bettor a thoughtful idea of how the horse might fare this day.

A Very Different Gambling Experience

This short diversion on Cambridge Raceway was intended for the online pokies casino player or the land-based casino in New Zealand devotees looking for an excellent gaming alternative when they wish to gamble on a very different sort of “game”.  Hopefully, you’ll find Cambridge Raceway a pleasurable venue for your gaming entertainment!