Play Christmas Market at All Slots

The Christmas season is known as a time of giving, and a time of shopping across much of the world, particularly in New Zealand. And All Slots Casino's promotion for the month of December falls in line with both these activities. It has a special drawing that involved giving away a total of $25,000 in cash bonuses to casino players. And it has opened a Christmas Market to allow players to purchase free spins and other bonuses with nothing more than the loyalty credits they have already earned at the casino or continue to earn for playing games throughout the month. So play Christmas Market at All Slots in December and take advantage of a one-time promotion you don't want to miss.

Players earn loyalty points for every dollar they spend at the casino. When they collect enough points, they can trade them in for cash back on their deposits at the casino, or use them to elevate themselves into higher bonus levels at the casino, culminating with an invitation to the VIP Lounge, where the big spenders get the best service. But during the month before Christmas, All Slots is opening the door to allow players to use those points for some immediate benefits. And players don't even have to make any new deposits to take advantage of the promotion.

Online Pokies Casino Bonus

Throughout the month of December, right up until Christmas Day, All Slots Casino will award one Christmas coin for every loyalty point that a player has either already earned or earns throughout the month. Those coins can be spent at the Christmas Market for either free spins,  a free bonus, or a cash back bonus. To participate, simply fill in your username and press the "to the market" tab. That will give you the options available. If you choose free spins, for example, you'll get a price menu of choices. Five free spins will cost 250 Christmas coins, and 30 free spins will cost 1,200. You can use the free spins on a number of games, including Avalon, Santa's Wild Ride, and Immortal Romance.

Other bonuses available for purchase will come up if you choose those. The casino will provide a handy tally of credits available to make purchases. That way players know whether they want to make additional purchases or earn more credits during the month to do more shopping. Whatever loyalty points players spend will be deducted from their total, but will not drop them down from the loyalty tier they have already reached.

New Zealand Online Casino and the Big Drawing

The other part of the promotion takes place after the Christmas Market has closed. The following day, December 26, also known as Boxing Day, All Slots will hold the special Boxing Day Draw with more than a thousand players winning between $1,000 to $5 in cash bonuses. In fact, 5 players will receive the top prize of $1,000 and 10 more will win a $500 bonus. So the spirit of giving is alive and well at All Slots Casino throughout the holiday season.

To win, you don't need to do anything other than to purchase bonuses at the Christmas Market. Every purchase you make earns you a ticket in the drawing. So the more you buy, the more tickets you have in the draw. And with the bonuses that are available for purchase, the All Slots Online Casino NZ is clearly a place you will want to do some shopping before Christmas. Don't miss out on the amazing no deposit promotion that runs through the biggest shopping days of the year.