Cupid’s Target at All Slots

Let Cupid’s arrow hit you in the heart and have a great time for Valentine’s Day with the Cupid’s Target at All Slots. You’ll love playing this month long promotion that offers so many awesome ways to enjoy and to have fun. And while you can certainly enjoy it at All Slots, you can also play with other New Zealand online casino sites in order to have a blast. These sites include Wild Jack Casino, All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino and the VIP Lounge. All of these sites are offering this fun promotion that brings love into the air and lets you have more fun around the Valentine’s Day time period.

Online Pokies Casino Fun

What type of fun can you have with the Cupid’s Target at All Slots? Well, the promotion goes from January 31st until February 27th and it includes four weeks of opportunities. To be part of the fun you have to opt in and then have at least 50 loyalty points in any of the four weeks. The four weeks are broken down as follows. The first week is from January 31st until February 6th and the second week is from February 7th until 13th. The third week is the 14th to the 20th and the last week is from the 21st of February until the 27th.

You can be part of the fun with the New Zealand online casino sites in three ways. First, you can click where you see it says “Earn tickets now” or Play now” in your email. You can also go to My offers at the casino or you can click on the “Play Now” promotional landing page that you’ll see at the casino sites. You can be part of the fun with 50 loyalty points and then with each additional 50 you’ll have more opportunities to win.

Gain More When You Play More

Now, you can earn extra chances to win at the promotion each week if you play more. They call this the Ticket booster and you can earn 3x tickets if you play for three days in one of the promotional weeks. If you play for four days, then you’ll get 4x tickets and if you play for five days, you’ll get 5x tickets. This is true for six and seven as well. There are 25,000 credits in bonuses that are rewarded at the end for winners.

What You Might Win

Now, when you are eligible to be part of one of the weekly rounds, you can really win amazing things. Five players will get a 1000 bonus and 10 of them will get a 500 bonus. With the online pokies casino, 25 players will have a 100 bonus and 50 will have a 50 bonus. 100 players will find themselves with a 25 bonus and 250 will get an extra 10. And there will be 1000 players who all get 5 each. You can only win one prize in a round and if you win, you’ll then have your bonus ready for you for one week of use starting on the Sunday after you hit the mark.

More Fun

There is even more fun with the Cupid’s Target at All Slots. Three players are going to win an awesome romantic getaway that is valued at over $1000 from February 7-10. Certainly, this is an awesome addition and will allow a few lucky players to really enjoy their Valentine’s Day fun. Enjoy everything that Cupid has to offer today with the Cupid’s Target at All Slots and have fun the way you want to do so!