Gold Factory Online Pokies

When a precious jewel is set in gold, it looks even better and the jewelry becomes a more valued piece. This is what Microgaming has done with the Gold Factory Online Pokies. Though you might not be able to afford such an expensive piece of jewelry now, you cannot afford not to play Gold Factory Online Pokies. With the money you can win from this game, you just might be able to buy that lovely jewelry. 

Kiwis do not need to panic or get in a tizzy to travel to Otago, the Taramakau River or even Greenstone Creek to find gold. Now you can find the vein in the exciting Gold Factory Online Pokies. Like its American counterparts who said “there’s gold in them hills”, New Zealanders would say “there's gold in da bush". But with Gold Factory Online Pokies you will not need any gold panning gear.

All you need is your PC, tablet or mobile device and the internet. And with the results of playing this fantastic online pokies casino you will probably make money -- more money than in panning for gold. If those gold diggers knew they could get gold from the Gold Factory Online Pokies, they probably would not have engaged in so much arduous toil and just waited to play the pokie. So instead of slaving away in the gold mines to discover pockets of gold, you can play Gold Factory Online Pokies and put cash in your pocket. 

Gold Factory online pokies is a five-reel, fifty-payline, one thousand coin Kiwi real money pokies enterprise. The Gold Factory Online Pokies is an online video game with five reels and fifty pay lines that increase your chances of winning. A pay line is a line across a slots window where the symbols must line up to create a winning combination.

Golden Opportunities

Entering the Gold Factory Online Pokies allows you to make spins that complete pay lines and win huge rewards. Whenever and wherever you desire you can play Gold Factory Online Pokies on any casino platform. The download casino is accessible to gamers who play at home and the flash casino is available to players who happen to be in a public area.

If you use your mobile, you can get access almost anywhere. The online pokies casino website offers many bonuses and a huge array of the finest casinos to choose from where you can play your favourite games, earn some nice cash and win pokies bonuses.

A Golden Walkabout

Decked out in his tux, the owner of the Gold Factory, Mr. Goldworks is so glad that you showed up. He is eager to give you a tour of the factory. A young Gold Factory employee escorts you around. As you do a little walkabout, you notice colourful drones, carts employed to take away gold coins, a train for transferring the gold, and boats that take the gold to its destination, gold coins and many other things.  

Lovely Gold

Kiwis love this favoured pokie which presents a Wild symbol as well as a scatter. The wild symbol is the Gold Factory logo and it substitutes for other symbols that constitute a winning line. By itself this Wild symbol gives great rewards. If you are lucky enough and get five Wilds on an active pay line, you will win seven thousand, five hundred coins.The Gold Coin is the scatter symbol and offers substantial payouts when at least three appear on the screen. Five gold coins will reward you with an enormous five thousand coin payout.

It isn’t necessary for the Scatter symbol to appear on a permitted pay line or pay way to win. It is fine for it to be anywhere on the reels. When you acquire three or more Scatter symbols all at once, you are entitled to play the Gold Factory Bonus game. Winning six hundred nineteen thousand points in the Gold Factory Bonus game is achievable. 

Receiving ten to thirty-five free spins is conceivable in the Boiler Room. Up one level from here is the Reactor Bonus game. Finding the Reactor symbol in the Boiler Room is a prerequisite to being able to play the Reactor Bonus game. Finding it, the Reactor Bonus game is triggered. As soon as you enter this game you will be brought to the Boiler Room. At this point, gold bars are piled into twelve containers. Your job is to pick four from the twelve. From this stage, money prizes and the chance to progress to the succeeding level are some of the possible gifts that you can win.

Advantages of Bonuses

The online casino website offers great ways to win pokies bonuses. When you register with the casino and make your first deposit, you will start receiving bonuses. Free cash is given to new players so they can choose their game and start playing as soon as they register. To start, the casino will match a player's deposit with a Welcome Bonus. Casinos offer different promos that could really add up.

Keep an eye out on the casino’s website so you can determine which casino you prefer. Many casinos permit you to play games for free in the Free Mode so you can get to know the game. There are Loyalty Bonuses and monthly bonus. With all the free spins bonuses, you could win heaps of cash.