Immortal Romance Online Pokies

One of the most popular activities people take part in is playing casino games. The web is brimming with different types of online pokies casinos, thus allowing the player to have fun with a wide variety of interesting pokies games, as each of them is based on a unique theme that can keep the player busy for hours on end.

Immortal Romance online pokies is an extremely popular game, as the worthwhile prize and thrilling storyline make for an exciting adventure. As the story unfolds in this 5-reel game, the player is drawn deeper and deeper into the enchanting lives of all the characters. Anyone with a love for a good plot would enjoy this game immensely, even if they have minimal knowledge about how to win while playing online pokies.

About the Characters

The special thing about Immortal Romance is the fact that the players get to learn about each of the characters featured in this game. As the characters’ story becomes clearer to the player, he is bound to feel connected to them, thus making the whole gambling experience much more appealing.

The game features 4 main characters; Amber - the residential witch and the heroines’ best friend, Troy – the charming yet evil vampire playboy, Michael – a smart and kind vampire who won the heroines’ heart and last but not least there’s Sarah – the classy and beautiful scientist who caught the attention of a mysterious vampire. Once the player gets a glimpse into their intriguing story, he won’t be able to stop playing.

Basic Details about the Game

The 5-reel pokies games offers the player an opportunity to win some cash in 243 different ways. The lower-valued card symbols award the player with up to 1,500 coins on a regular spin. The higher-valued symbols, which include all the characters and an icon that features a mysterious castle, award he player with up to 5,000 coins.

The wild symbol, as in most pokies games, substitutes for all regular symbols in the players’ quest to get a winning combination. A winning combination can be achieved if at least 3 similar symbols appear next to each other from the left reel to the right. Moreover, this symbol also doubles all the wins if it is a part of such a combination, increasing the players’ chances to earn a considerable amount of cash.

The scatter symbol awards the player with one of the most lucrative prizes among the different free spins pokies games bonuses; apart from awarding the player with up to 50,000 coins, the scatter symbol also triggers the free spins round. During this round the player gets to choose between 4 possible bonuses, as each of them is represented by a different character. These bonuses award the player with 10 to 25 free spins, during which a unique bonus would help the player earn as many coins as possible.

Apart from all these great perks and bonuses, Immortal Romance has another feature under the name “Wild Desire Feature”. This feature appears at random, turning up to 5 reels into complete wilds. Together, all these great bonuses make for a fantastic and lucrative gambling experience.

In Conclusion

Immortal Romance online pokies game is an interesting casino game, with an elaborate plot, an amazing prize that goes up to 3,645,000 coins and beautiful graphics. This game can be easily considered as one of the most thrilling pokies games out there, and anyone who is interested in a long and fulfilling gambling experience, should check this game out.

The lucrative prizes awarded at this game allow the player to make some quick cash, but the hesitant players can still have fun with it as the game is available to all players at the practice mode of every popular online casinos. All in all, any player who wants to take part in something special should give this game a chance.