Platinum Play Online Pokies Casino Thrills

New Zealand has come into the fold and when it comes to online casinos pokies, Platinum Play is the choice for all the Kiwi gamers out there. Platinum Play Online Pokies Casino has the best of the best in online casino pokies and if it’s the online pokies casino bonus offers you’re looking for, well then you’ve come to the right place.

With Microgaming making up almost all of it’s library of casino games and the casino being a member in good standing with eCOGRA, Platinum Play provides the experience for gamers and the online casino safety their cherished customers want.

After all, when handing over personal information and ways of making online transactions for withdrawal or deposit purposes, nobody wants to take a chance and the fact Platinum Play is known and respected makes playing there a lot easier for the New Zealand crowd.

Part of the international Fortune Lounge Online Casino Group, Platinum Play also offers a host of other benefits and rewards which come with the world class treatment Fortune Lounge is known for. With close to four hundred games on site it’s no wonder its online casino pokies are the address for so many New Zealanders looking for a break and a way to try and make a few extra coins.

The Games, The Bonuses

You never know what will happen when you start spinning the reels but one thing is sure: you’ll have a great time watching and waiting for the reels to fall into place. Of course, if you’ve had enough of the online casino pokies, there’s plenty of other things to do too.

They include table games and poker and many of these have progressive jackpots which will grow and grow until they burst and you may be a recipient of that cash overflow. Platinum Play is known for some high payouts but if it’s a more conservative approach you’re hoping to take, stick with the slots and look out for those online pokies casino bonus chances as they can give you that progressive jackpot thrill on a lower scale.

If you’re just starting out and you came across Platinum Play then you have a good thing or two coming to you. The Platinum Play new user welcome package usually includes a number of matching bonuses on the first few deposits and often has a bunch of free spins tossed into the offer.

Once you use up this introductory promotion, a slew of other offers will come your way on a weekly and monthly basis. The weekly offers generally include extra types of bonuses for use in the games and while the monthly ones will also be of this nature, some will be given to players in good standing and others may be tangible gifts you could win through your playing ways.

Secure and Trusted

Platinum Play Online Pokies Casino isn’t just a destination for New Zealand because of the classic pokies and the new games from Microgaming which take the world by storm. It’s a home for many players because it is a trusted site which offers secure methods of making transactions through the latest in encryption software which is continuously updated to meet the highest standards possible.

There’s a lot of nasty viruses and hacking online so you don’t want to play at a site which isn’t on top of it’s security and the security of its customers. Once you’ve done your investigating and have seen how easy it is to access Platinum Play’s secure services you’ll see making transactions is easy as there are a variety of options available.

You can use debit or credit cards, direct banking, and sites such as UKash, Neteller, and more to move around funds. If you have questions or a problem arises it’s professional customer service team can also be reached by calling toll-free, through, email, Skype, and live chat.

Goodluck and hope to see you at the Platinum Play Online Pokies Casino.