Secret Santa Mobile Pokies – Mystery Multiplier, Wild Reels, and Many Gifts to be Won!

Christmas is coming, and it is followed by a lot of snow, special gifts, multiple rewards, and a lot of happiness! As you will start playing Secret Santa Online Pokies, you will be able to see this game can grant you with a lot more benefits than any other game has ever offered to you! You will be able to win 460,000 coins in 1024 different ways, and to enjoy 7 highly mysterious features which will make this holiday more exciting and thrilling than ever before! Wild Reels, Mystery Multipliers, Rolling Reels Free Spins, Wild, Scatter and a lot of gambling methods will be waiting for you as you join and start playing one of the best online pokies casino games!

Wild Christmas – Wild Symbols!

As Christmas is getting more and more wild, with one of the most exciting games you could ever play, you would probably want to know exactly how you can benefit with the Wild symbol which will appear on these reels.

You will be able to recognize this symbol very easily thanks to the Secret Santa title appearing on it, written in gold on a green background.

The most prominent feature of Wild is its ability to substitute any symbol existing on your reels, besides the Scatter. Once it does so, Wild can help to create new winning combinations in absolutely no time. Three symbols of the same kind, appearing one by the other, will only need one Wild symbol in order to function as a four of a kind. The meaning is pretty clear – the players can immediately enjoy the payout that comes with any regular four of a kind combination. Wild can function the same way and to create three and five of a kind combinations.

Wild and Credits

Wild is not only beneficial for creating winnings combinations, but it is also capable of rewarding the players with credits when a few of its kind appear on adjacent reels.

Three Wild symbols will grant the players with 22.5 credits, while four symbols of this kind will reward the players with no less than 60 credits. If the payers are truly lucky and five Wild symbols are on their reels, they can definitely expect 240 credits to be theirs.

5 of a Kind… Again!

This unique benefit is most probably one of the best you will be able to find in any pokies game in NZ! The feature starts once you win 5 of a kind in a spin. Afterward, if the feature is triggered, you get to win, for sure, additional 5 of a kind, with the relevant payout! All you will have to do is sit in your chair and see how everything is happening for you!

Scatter – The One That Can't Be Replaced

Did you ever wonder why no symbol, including the Wild, can ever replace the Scatter? The reason for that is pretty clear, once understanding how Scatter works. Scatter is, as a matter of fact, one of the most special symbols appearing on the reels, and it is capable of granting the players with a lot of credits, with some very minor effort.

Three symbols of its kind will let the players receive 30 credits right away. Four of its kind will grant the players with 150 credits, and in case the players are really lucky and they win five Scatter symbols, they can be sure 1,500 credits will be theirs in no time at all!

Secret Santa Bonus

Santa promised to bring some gifts and surprises for the holiday, and now he really does! Once in a while a gift wrapped in red will land on the reels. Once it does, it will crack open and every time one of seven mysterious surprises will be rewarded to the players! So, what can we receive from Santa this year?

Rolling Reels

Rolling Reels feature has two prominent benefits. The first one is its ability to trigger consecutive wins. The second one is its ability to increase winning multipliers granted once consecutive wins are occurring. Players will be able to enjoy up to 12X multipliers once Rolling Reels is in action!

Scatter Spree

Scatter, the special symbol, can now be a part of Santa's gift! This feature makes all symbols pay Scatter in any position!

Dashing Wilds

4 dashing Wilds will land on the reels, once this feature is active, and they will do so randomly in different positions.

Mystery Multiplier

This fun features will multiply wins by 5X or 10X completely randomly!

Free Spins

The free spins can also be granted by Santa… just like that! During the 5 free spins the players will not be required to deposit at all, but they will still be able to keep on winning on this online pokies real money! In addition to that, not only will the players be able to win these credits for real, but the credits will also be 3X multiplied right away!

Wild Boost

This feature makes different symbols turn to Wild completely randomly! Be ready to have more winning combinations in no time!

Wild Reels

One of the most exciting symbols of all! This feature will make THREE reels change all of their symbols into Wilds right away! This will surely increase the chances to create a lot of new winning combinations in no time at all!

The Power Over the Game Is In Your Hands! Use It!

Yes, gambling games are known for being unexpected and full of surprises. However, Secret Santa Online Pokies, lets you also enjoy some special gambling methods which will make this whole story even more intriguing!

Coins and the Coins Size Features

These feature will help you gain greater control over your bets in absolutely no time and effort! Clicking the + and – buttons assigned to Coins will let you decide how many coins you want to bet at this round. The + and – signs next to Coin Size will let you decide how much you deposit per coin. You can modify these two buttons between any two spins. There is no limit on the number of times you make these changes.

Auto Play

Clicking this button will open a world of possibilities in front of you! All you will have to do would be choose how many spins you want to trigger on auto mode! You can either choose one of the quick buttons, such as 10X, 25X, 50X and 100x, press Until Stop, or simply click the Custom button which will let you, among others, type in the exact numbers of spins you want to trigger.