SkyCity Casino in Auckland

There is always an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of online gambling versus a proper gambling experience at a land-based casino.

Both gambling venues appeal to a wide crowd of gamblers, but there is one thing that can’t be found online – the addictive and electrifying atmosphere that envelops the NZ land-based casinos.

Enjoy Harness Racing and Good Eats at Cambridge Raceway

Cambridge Raceway is an excellent alternative to other gambling venues such as an online pokies casino, a land-based casino in New Zealand, or any other casino in NZ.

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Before we go into some depth about Cambridge Raceway let’s review some of the reasons you enjoy casino gambling and why a raceway is a great alternative.

Christchurch Casino

Christchurch, the "gateway" to New Zealand's South Island, is the capital city of the Canterbury region, offering residents and visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy the area's stunning scenery while taking advantage of Christchurch's vibrant city life. People from all over the world come to Christchurch to travel around the region and experience the hospitality of the city residents.

Land-Based Casinos NZ

The population of New Zealand is only about four million people but the country's location, close to Australia and many of the Asian financial superpowers, makes it a prime location from which to offer land-based New Zealand casinos entertainment. The land-based casinos NZ offer all of the amenities of the Las Vegas strip along with the friendly Kiwi atmosphere and the scenic beauty of the Land of the Big White Cloud. 

Trentham Racecourse

Blue blooded royalty and the best bloodstock in the country have tramped the turf of Trentham Racecourse for well over 100 years.  Set in 67 hectares of perfectly manicured grounds and host to 12 glamorous races, the Wellington course is a prized destination for corporate race days and the central playground of New Zealand’s capital city.

Tauranga Racecourse

Situated in the sub-tropical coastal city of Tauranga, alongside New Zealand’s legendary tourist destination, the Bay of Plenty, is the self proclaimed hub of dazzling horse racing meets and community events, Tauranga Racecourse...  During the premier annual race days, leggy fillies strut their stuff both on and off the track as aside from quivering thoroughbreds flying fleet-footed across the turf, there’s a gaggle of gorgeous fashionista, dressed up to impress!