Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies – 6X Multipliers During Free Spins Can Be Yours!

Thor, Odin, Valkyrie and Loki are welcoming you as you make the best decision ever! Once you join the group of happiest gamblers who already opted Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies as their most favoured game, you will be exposed the to highest level of benefits, features, bonuses and depositing methods in the industry.

This game, unlike many others, will let you increase the number of free spins granted to you as you keep on playing and benefiting, as well as enjoy highly favoured features which exist in many other games such as the Wild symbol and the multipliers. Join today the game in which you can win up to 2.4 million coins, up to 25 free spins and enjoy the 5X multiplier! Winning while playing at the online pokies casino has never been so much fun!

Wild Symbol Here Is Wilder Than In Any Other Game

Yes, a lot of pokies games these day offer Wild as one of their most prominent and beneficial bonus symbols. When it comes to online pokies NZ however, Wild is definitely highly rewarding!

Easily recognized thanks to the Thunderstruck 2 title appearing on it, this symbol is not only capable of replacing all other symbols (except Scatter) on the reels, but it also doubles the winnings of all winning combinations it participates in.

For those of you unfamiliar with the symbol, it would probably help to know that once it appears on the reels, for example next to two symbols of the same kind, it immediately functions as the missing symbol, and in the example given a three of a kind would be created. Four and five of a kind can also be created the same way, and not only will the best payout be granted to the player right away, but he will also receive it with the 2X multiplier!

The Irreplaceable Symbol – Scatter!

There is a very clear reason no symbol can substitute this one! The reason is that it is capable of changing your game for the best in a matter of seconds. This symbol is definitely unique!

3, 4 or 5 of its kind appearing on the reels, one by the other, will grant the players with a straight access to the Great Hall of Spins. Keep in mind that multiple entries into the Great Hall of Spins will eventually unlock even further bonus features!

At the Great Hall of Spins players will be able to enjoy free spins, and a different number of such spins every time. These spins are considered to be very special since on the one hand the player is not required to deposit at all, yet on the other hand he or she can keep on receiving real money credits.

The Great Hall of Spins

The Great Hall of Spins offers players four different modes, according to the number of times they have entered the hall:


The blond beautiful woman named Valkyrie is recognized with the first mode available in the Great Hall of Spins. 10 free spins will be credited to the player right upon entering the hall, and all of the wins will be multiplied by 5X. Players will be glad to discover these free spins can be re triggered during the Valkyrie mode.


From the 5th time players are in the Hall, they can get to meet cool Loki. Loki grants the players with no less than 15 free spins as well as the Wild magic feature. The Wild Magic symbol can be randomly transformed into multipliers! 2, 3, 4 and 5 Scatter symbols appearing during Loki mode can trigger additional free spins!


From the 10th time the players are getting into the Hall, they can already expect to meet Odin.

Old serious Odin grants players with 20 free spins and allows them to enjoy the Wild Raven feature. Odin's ravens can randomly turn other symbols on the reels to 2X and 3X multipliers. In addition to that, a 6X multiplier can be awarded to the player if both ravens land!


Thor – impressive, golden and strong. Thor is the free spins mode players will enjoy once they reach their 15th entry to the Hall. Thor grants the players with no less than 25 free spins as well as the Rolling Reels. The Rolling Reels can grant the players with multiple consecutive wins, and the multipliers awarded in this mode can be 2X, 3X. 4X and even 5X! Enjoying both 25 free spins and 5X multiplier is probably one of the best offers any gambler can receive at any pokies games out there!

Wild and Scatter's Payouts

The benefits of Wild and Scatter are surely yet to be over! In addition to serving as bonus features which change completely the way this whole game is being played, these features can also grant players with additional credits while some of their kind appear one by the other on the reels.

The Bonus symbol (named Scatter), can grant with 1 credit once two of its kind appear on the reels and 2 credits once three of its kind are present. It only take four of its kind in order to grant the player with 20 credits and once five such symbols appear, players can count on 200 credits to be theirs right away!

The Thunderstruck titled symbol, recognized as Wild can benefit the players with even higher payouts! Three of its kind award with 75 credits while four of its kind grant with no less than 200 credits! Last but not least is the credits grant given to the lucky players who received five adjacent Wild symbols on the reels – 1000 credits in a single spin!

243 Ways to Win, Multiple Ways to Control the Game

In this game of pokies online, players can quickly benefit with the multiple gambling methods which will let them gain greater control over the game and the deposits. Using the 243 ways to win the game has never been as easy!

Auto Play

This method allows players to trigger a certain number of spins, according to their decision, which will be played without having them to touch the screen at all. The player will be able to keep on winning credits during this time.


This feature allows players to increase and decrease the bet rate by pressing the + and – signs.

Bet Max

This feature is made exactly for those who are interested in depositing the highest amount possible and simply can't wait to make it happen! A single press of a button will trigger this feature right away!