Titans of the Sun – Hyperion Online Pokies – Up to 5000 Credits Per Spin!

Strength, power, and beauty. The titans are all about making you more powerful than ever before, and making this game more special than any other game has ever been. As you are looking for a way to pass your time and be entertained by a new, and thrilling game, you should definitely check out the game that now offers players to win up to 75,000 coins with no effort at all, be benefited with 15 free spins, and enjoy great symbols that can grant you with 1500, 2000 and even 5000 credits in one single spin! In addition to that, mystery symbols are also a part of the game, and these will benefit you with a lot of great surprises on which you will learn shortly… So, let's get started and learn everything about the best game of all!

What's the Mystery All about?

Gambling games are known for long for being surprising, unpredictable and therefore so much fun! Usually the surprising part is all about the results of the spins. The game is mostly dependent upon luck, and no one can know for sure how the next round will end, although players sometimes use their hunch in order to increase or decrease their deposits.

Titans of the SunHyperion Online Pokies is taking the mysterious part one step further, and creating a few symbols which will increase the level of thrill and excitement related to the uncertainty!

The Mystery symbols, which can be recognized by the shape of the sun appearing on them, transform both on the regular gaming mode as well as during the free spins. During the regular game, these symbols would be changed to any high or low symbol, while during the free spins these symbols would be changed to any high, low or Wild symbol! The meaning is that multiple winning combinations ca be created in both modes and no matter what happens, the player can only benefit from the situation!

1500 Coins? 15 Free Spins? Tell Me the Secret!

That is not a secret anymore, and now you can unlock this charm as well! All that it takes from you is to get to know the Scatter symbol as best as possible and to use its benefits for your own good!

Scatter is recognized by the shadowed beautiful couple appearing on a sunny sky background, and it can grant the players with SO MANY benefits you will barely know what you want to start with! Luckily, you will be receiving all of the benefits one by the other…

Benefit #1 is the payout followed by the presence of this symbol on the reels. Two Scatter symbols appearing one by the other will be sufficient in order to grant you with 15 credits right away, while three such symbols will be worth nothing less than 75 credits! If that is not enough, you better prepare yourself to win 300 credits once four Scatters are on your reels, and in case 5 such symbols are in place, it would be easier than ever before to enjoy 1500 credits which would definitely be yours in a matter of a spin!

Benefit #2 that this online casino pokies has prepared for you is the free spins! All that has to happen now is that three, four or five Scatter symbols would appear one by the other on your reels! Surely, you will be granted with the credits mentioned above, and once these are added to your payline, 15 free spins will be triggered right away!

During the free spins you will not have to deposit even one single coin. Nonetheless, during these spins you can keep on winning real money credits and use them later on as you keep on playing! Best news? The free spins can be retriggered!

Sounds Like It's Time to Win 5000 Coins Per Spin!

Once you know how to how to play online pokies, you can only make the game better and better as you move along! Wild, which has the Titans Of The Sun title on it, is capable of rewarding you with the following payouts: 50 credits will be yours once three Wilds appear on your reels, and 500 credits will be yours right when four such symbols are yours. If you are truly lucky and all five reels present you the Titans Of The Sun title, you can be confident no less than 5000 credits are on your way!

But high credits are not the only thing that Wild symbol is capable of granting you with. As a matter of fact, that is barely the beginning! Wild is considered as a highly special symbol since it is capable of replacing all other symbols on the reels besides the Scatter, and once this happens – multiple new winning combinations can be created!

Two of a kind can become three, three can become four, and four can even become five! How does this happen? When two symbols of the same kind appear one by the other, it only takes one symbol to appear on the right reel, and once it takes the place of the missing symbol, a new winning combination will be created! Be sure the relevant payouts will be yours as well!

Time to Enjoy the Game Features!

There are so many wonderful gaming features it is only a matter of time until you will get to know them all and decide you are definitely going to use each and every one of them as you play, and play… and play!


First feature you want to know all about is Bet which is followed with the + and – buttons on the lower part of the screen. These great buttons will help you control your bets on any given time, and you will be able to change your deposits whenever you want, starting with 0.15 coins and reaching all the way up to 15 coins.

Auto Play

This feature is highly beneficial since it helps you decide when you take a break from pressing the buttons, and when exactly you start sitting back in your chair and watching as more and more credits are being added to your payline.

Once you click the Auto Play button, 10x, 25X, 50X, 100X and Until Stop buttons will appear, letting you decide how many times you want the reels to spin automatically for you. In addition to that, a Custom button will help you gain even greater control over the feature with Advanced Settings and the ability to type in the exact number of spins you want to trigger! How cool is that?