Play Wheel of Wishes at All Slots

With the new year here, it’s time to start thinking about things that you wish for the coming year. Do you wish to lose weight? Do you wish to have more fun this year? Do you wish to find time for things you love? Well, we can’t help with the weight loss, but we sure can help with finding things you love and with having more fun.

That’s where the chance to Play Wheel of Wishes at All Slots comes in. When you get to All Slots, and the many other New Zealand online casino sites that have this promotion, you’ll love to see just how much fun you can have. Make some great wishes for the year ahead, and make the promo going on one of them.

How to Start

When you Play Wheel of Wishes at All Slots, you’ll see that there are five stages to the promotion. The first one is from December 27th to January 3rd and the second one is from the 3rd until the 10th. The third stage if rom the 10th to the 17th, and the fourth part is from the 17th to the 24th. The final round of the online pokies casino fun is from January 24th until 30th. And then, the fun continues even after this since there is a drawing that will take place on January 31st.

What You Can Expect

Now, as you Play Wheel of Wishes at All Slots, you’ll spin the wheel that they have and get prizes when you land in certain places. The prizes include all sorts of awesome things from the free spins and cashback bonuses to the chance to draw tickets, the free money and the loyalty multipliers. There are also free loyalty points.

All of this adds up to awesome fun. You can end up with extra spins as well if you play for four days out of any of the rounds or if you drop in on New Year’s Day. On that day with the chance to Play Wheel of Wishes at All Slots, there will be extra lucky spins.

The Exciting End

At the end of the month of opportunities, there are even more opportunities with the final drawing. On January 31st, 2016 they will have a drawing. You can get tickets for it by getting one ticket with every 50 loyalty points that you get from December 27th to January 30th and also by winning tickets on the wheel. Now on the day of the drawing at the online pokies casino, all sorts of people will walk away as winners.

Five people will get $1000 and ten will have $500. 25 people will be the lucky winners of $100 each and 50 will get the $50 bonus. 100 people will get a bonus of $25 and 250 will get a bonus of $10. 1000 people will get $5 each. Certainly, each person from these groups will be happy to be a winner.

You’ll have a blast when you play at the New Zealand online casino and when you enjoy this promotion. Have a great time today and you just might get your new year’s wishes. This is a promotion that allows you to use your enthusiasm for the new year and to have a blast as you play. Get in the game today and enjoy the chances that you have in New Zealand to play and enjoy.